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Bruecke to Heaven by Timothy W. Tron

Bruecke to Heaven

by Timothy W. Tron

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Join me in the journey. Bruecke to Heaven began essentially in 1995 when my Aunt June brought what is now one of the most significant house warming gifts I could have ever received, a complete genoalgy research of my paternal family tree.

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A new day, another page in the journey God has prepared: Now in my new daily role as a Math Teacher, I find myself learning while teaching, and still trusting in Him in all that I do. I'm still writing, blogging, and contributing to the Blue Ridge Christian News. In addition, God has called me to another mission, one that began many years ago and continues to lead me through life; those distant Waldensian Valleys. This next step is one of fully trusting in Him, since now solely relying on a teacher's salaray, there are not enough earthly funds to make this happen. Yet, I know, in His time, all things come to pass and so it is. We have started a GoFundMe project for the Mission. I can hear His voice telling me this may not be a one-time trip, but rather, just the first of many; we shall see.

Yes, in case you were wondering about "Bruecke", the story has not ended. There is a sequel written and when it is God's time, it will also be published.

God has a plan and when we trust in Him, there is so much more waiting for us. Be blessed in all that you do for Him.

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    A storyteller finds his ancestral roots lead back to a people who received the Word of God directly from two of Jesus’s seventy disciples. A fantastic journey ensues when we meet the characters he creates to fill in the historical gaps. In the epic that follows, not only do we find how the Word that was preserved in its purest form for a thousand years could affect the human spirit, but also the miraculous powers that came with it and the bridge to heaven both created. This is the story of the Apostle Speakers: Children of the Light.  
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